San Luis Obispo Acne Skin Treatment

In the field of acne skin care there are several recent developments that give promising results for those that are more susceptible to skin blemishes, pimples and breakouts. Perhaps the greatest advantage of these modern skin care approaches is that they reduce the amount of time required to treat breakouts and remove pimples, leading to less acne scars over time. This can lead to better appearance for teenagers and those in their early twenties, as well as greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Many prone to pimples and breakouts during and after puberty have had to cope with the additional discomfort and shame not only of mild to extreme facial acne and skin blemishes but also of long-term facial acne scars.Have a look at San Luis Obispo skin treatment for more info on this.

Over the past century, acne skin care has progressed from the routine use of cleansers and counter-acne medications that come in the form of a cream or medicated pad to the types of treatments that are done by specialist clinics that are needed only one or two days. Micro-dermabrasion and laser therapy are among today’s most sought after systematic methods of treatment for acne skin. Such techniques will also operate to remove the acne marks that have been visible on the skin surface for many years. Perhaps the biggest downside to using micro-dermabrasion and laser therapy to treat acne, skin discoloration, dark skin tones, skin blemishes, and acne scars is the additional expense, however.

Many of these types of acne skin care can easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and are done only in either the office of a dermatologist or through state-of – the-art specialist skin clinics. Nonetheless, the advantage of using micro-dermabrasion or laser therapy over conventional methods of acne skin care is that these types of care usually require only one or two sessions to resolve the problem and avoid potential outbreaks. Although the cost of one or two sessions can be equal to what the average person would spend on acne skin care over the course of five to ten years, few people can really afford to spend such a significant amount of money at one time and many of these services are also not covered by most health insurance policies.

Luckily there are a handful of successful acne skin care options for many people who struggle with pimples and breakouts that can do just as good a job for a fraction of the cost. Although daily skin cleansers continue to be useful for successful long-term acne skin care, there are now many over – the-counter micro-dermabrasion kits that can be sold for less than $100 in discount stores and sometimes online. Such home micro-dermabrasion kits may not be nearly as effective as the type of acne skin treatment you’d get from a dermatologist or skin clinic, but many of them can still do a much better job than most skin care options to keep your skin clean and safe for a longer time.